The 2017 New American Remodeled Home is Taking Shape

(August, 2016). The 2017 New American Remodeled Home, an innovative conversion of a tired 1987 house to a deluxe, energy-smart island-style residence, will be unveiled at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando, Fla., in January 2017, but we’re keeping you posted with monthly updates as this inspiring remodel comes together.

The insulation installer is dressed in a bunny suit for safety when injecting the open cell foam.

Cosponsored by Professional Remodeler and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the project is being designed and produced by Phil Kean Design Group (PKDG), Winter Park, Fla. It’s the first remodeled house since 2007 to be showcased at IBS.

Drywall went up in late July throughout the 4,631-square-foot house, following gas line installation and inspections for framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and insulation.

Open cell foam insulation was injected in all cavities, including crevices in block walls and around attached plumbing to yield bonus insulation of hot and cold water lines. The foam’s permeability will allow wall assemblies to dry. SharkBite push-to-connect fittings accelerated the work of installing the water supply runs and fittings, because the joints in the piping required no gluing or soldering.

Several innovative drywall products from CertainTeed were installed. To keep the air in this tight house clean, PKDG used AirRenew M2Tech for all exterior and some interior walls; the AirRenew M2Tech system absorbs VOCs from cleaners and out gassing, and converts them to harmless inorganic compounds. To mitigate noise in the laundry room, bedrooms and other spaces, PKDG used another product in the M2Tech line, SilentFX. This one’s a laminated panel that sandwiches sound-absorbent membrane between 1/4-inch wallboard. Easi-Lite ceiling panels went up with less effort because they’re 30 percent lighter than standard gypsum panels. And the new Habito impact-resistant drywall now is up in areas that may be banged and bumped, and in places where televisions and artwork may be mounted. It has the properties of plaster walls but is denser, damage-resistant, and will hold hangings that weigh up to 30 pounds per #8 screw without the need for hollow wall anchors.

PKDG ran nearly 200 feet of gas piping for the stove, fireplace and outdoor fire pit. TracPipe CounterStrike, a polyethylene sleeved flexible stainless steel pipe system from OmegaFlex, was used both inside and outside. Project Manager John Taylor estimates that using the product cut installation time in half. One reason: Separate sleeve conduits did not have to be put in for the gas lines. Another reason: The flexible piping installs quickly around curves and comes in long segments, requiring fewer connections.

The custom gas fireplace, from Town & Country Luxury Fireplaces, is in place in the great room. A whopping 6 feet long, it’s a fully enclosed, glass-front beauty with color-changing LEDs. The direct vent blower circulates fresh air, so no gases escape into the living area and little heat is lost through the flue.